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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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us. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, richard and any. sunday off to a nice and quiet start. plenty of sunshine getting through the cloud deck. continues to move into the area, and not enough sunshine getting through to cast shadows at least. clouds will continue to thicken the remainder of the day today, temperature, 45 at national airport. winds remain out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour, a problematic wind direction, it tends to bring in more clouds it is exactly what will happen today. upper 30s to low and mid 40s around the area. clouds yes, but rain drops no. not for us today. a little chance for showers across tidewater, virginia, to the outer banks. today will be dry around here. sunny to start, clouds on the increase as we go through the afternoon. step tours to the upper 40s and low 50s and staying mostly cloudy through tonight and on into the front part of the week. more about the rest of the week ahead, coming up. >> thanks, chuck. this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of a maryland teen stabbed to death
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at a ahmet to station. the attack happened early saturday morning at the woodley park station off connecticut avenue in northwest washington. that's where news 4's derek ward is live with reaction from his friends. derek, a very sad story. >> reporter: indeed, a very sad story. we reported on this earlier and we are learning more about the circumstances to this tragic incident. take a look at the scene from yesterday. 18-year-old olajuwon griffin, stabbed to death 1:15. nine juveniles arrested and we understand robbery was the motive. and that robbery occurred in the 1800 block of columbia road. later, the alleged robbers and another group which included the victim encountered one another on the platform at the station. and we talked to some of his friends, and they talk about the
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loss. >> everyone knew him. he was always the one that was there. >> the best person you would ever know. he's funny. a crazy person, like goofy. always having you laugh. >> police were on this immediately and a massive investigation began, we're also told several weapons were recovered from the platform, we'll learn more about the circumstances here as the investigation continues. live in northwest, news 4, back to up. >> thank you, derek. police trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in prince georges county. the shooting happened in the parking lot ofhe lowest price gas station on martin luther king highway. the maintain to the hospital where he later died. anyone with information is asked to call police. police need your help finning a man who robbed a father with his 4-year-old daughter by his side at an afternoon tm in montgomery
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county. police released surveillance pictures. you can see the robber pull a gun on the man. the daughter looks at the thief as he walked in. robbery happened thursday night. the man forced the dad to withdraw money before taking off. fortunately, the victim not hurt. new this morning, president obama in thailand, where he kicks off a four-day trip throughout southeast asia. the president holding a dual press conference with thailand prime minister. and he secretary of state hillary clinton visited a monday's tear, and president obama told the monks that he needs a lot of prayer to be able to solve the upcoming fiscal cliff. the president will also travel to myanmar, the first time a sitting president has visited that country. he'll wrap up a trip with a stop in cambodia. to a developing story in the middle east. missile strikes against buildings that house hamas'
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media operation. israelis and palestinians have combined. firing more than 350 rockets at each other in the past 24 hours. thousands of israeli forces assembled near the gaza border awaiting possible orders toin said that region. egypt's lead errs in the middle of the dispute and say a cease-fire between the two sides is possible. mohamed morsi met with leaders in turkey and qatar and ahead of hamm as. there are no guarantees but he's working to secure a cease-fire. benjamin netanyahu is willing to discuss a cease-fire when hamas agrees to stop rocket fire from gaza. lawmakers debating over the woman expected to be nominated to lead the state department. there are reports president obama will nominate susan rice to the post to replace hillary clinton. rice is currently the ambassador to the united nations. some republicans are upset over her handling of the deadly libya
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attacks. the "meet the press" moderator david gregory points out a similar issue out of the bush administration. >> condoleezza rice, also nominated to be secretary of state. she had, of course, publicly said all kinds of things about iraq, based on intelligence that turned out to be absolutely wrong. and yet they felt that despite that, she should be supported. so is it hypocritical for them to say susan rice should not be supported because somehow she was hunted a coverup? >> one of the republicans opposing rice, senator lindsey graham will, be on today's program. also on today, chair of the senate intelligence committee, democrat dianne feinstein. see it all right here at 10:30. today, thousands are expected to march through washington over the controversial keystone pipeline. protesters trying to tell the president to continue saying no to the pipeline which would carry oil between canada and the gulf of mexico. many republicans criticized president obama's move to stop the pipeline.
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they could have created more jobs. demonstrators will meet at freedom plaza this afternoon and head on over to the white house. if you notice capitol hill was a little darker than normal last night, there was a reason. police say the lights that illuminate the dome of the u.s. capitol were turned off for scheduled maintenance. usually you can see the famous dome from miles away on any given night. lights back on around 10:00. got a lot of calls on that one. >> yeah, they need to change light publics every now and then. >> even in the capitol. 9:06. a land dispute that could limit game day parking near fedex field. >> the move that could shake up the athletic program at the university of maryland. and a d.c.'s beauty queen's surprising revelation. news she shared with fans about herself on twitter. and join us online on facebook and twitter. we'll be back in a moment. ♪
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in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. two prince georges county police officers could be fired for eir part in this video it was meant to spoof racial profiling of black drivers, but the video shows the two officers pulling over a driver and using derogatory language toward him. the police chief and head of the officer's union call it inappropriate and denounce the video officers are on administrative leave. they will have a hearing next week to determine their fate. a parking crunch next year at redskins games because of zoning laws. "the washington examiner" report that the lot north of fedex field could close after a disagreement between the owner and prince georges county. the lot has become a possible place to tailgate since opening in 2005. if closed it will only be open
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until the end of the season. in the week ahead, it's beginning look a lot like christmas at the national zoo. on friday, zoo leaders will light up the park for zoo lights, from friday through sunday night through december 9th. then every day except for crust mass eve, new year's day and new year's eve. the annual tradition, absolutely free. but you need to pay for parking. president obama will make sure one turkey doesn't end up on the dinner table many he will pardon a turkey coming from harrisonburg, virginia. two birds will leave the fiomor. the tradition dates back to 1989 when george h.w. bush performed the first presidential pardon. the two big events everyone will talk about this week, thanks giving and black friday. more stores making like black thursday with toys r us,
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walmart, kmart, sears, target. nordstrom is against the thanksgiving creep, promising to keep its stores shut thanksgiving so employees can enjoy the holiday. someone is going to have a very happy holiday season, thanks to the powerball lottery, no one loan last night's jackpot. the numbers were 3-15-27-58-59. powerball 20. nobody won. and since no one won the jackpot. 250 million. next drawing is wednesday the 21st. winner can take a cash payout of 167 million. maybe someone won a smaller prize, though. >> perfect timing, everyone scrambling to get the funds together for all of the holiday pearce and the guests and everything. >> a few million always comes in handy. >> $1 67 million, not bad. washington nationals player announced overnight on twitter. and a tough decision, d.c.
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beauty queen made in order to protect her life many. rumors, back stabbing and peer pressure. how lawmakers are trying to stop workplace bullying. >> what to expect weatherwise as you prepare to travel for the holiday. chuck bell has your storm team 4 forecast, that's
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grab your kids, head over to the d.c. armory. meet telemundo's local news team and celebrities. the fair is free, open to the public. the family fair runs from noon until 6:00. music, games, prizes, fooding hopefully. >> hopefully. >> i have a question. >> what's your question?
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>> que siempo ace? >> what time is it? >> i think she wanted to ask what the weather was. >> this is why i had to take summer school at george mason for spanish. because i didn't pass the first time. >> i think she meant the weather. it goes for both. >> all right. i could say como esta tiempo. >> clouds are totally on their way in for a little bit later on. no rain drops, don't need to worry about the unum brela for sunday. outside we go. a fine looking morning. still a little hint of small color left in and around the urban center. nice dark reds on some of the oak trees alongside the potomac. today won't be as pretty as
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yesterday. nothing really to complain about. 45 at national airport. temperatures up to the low and mid 40s. 43 in college park. and 45 in honey town maryland. and 46 in springfield. 40 in reston. perfect weather for the redskins, if you are heading out to fedex field. upper 40s to around 50 degrees with a mix of clouds and sunshine. hometown forecast. this one is for you, toward the blueridge. nice looking day. temperatures near 50 degrees by noon time. flirting around 50 for most of the afternoon hours. back down to the 40s by 6:00 tonight and by -- gets down toward 11:00 tonight. temperatures back down to the upper 30s. we're also going to be having on nbc tonight. game of the week. ravens are in pittsburgh taking on the stealer, clear and chilly. up into three rivers heinz field stadium. good weather for the game. off the carolina coastline.
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rain far north and far southeastern as virginia. and far southernmost maryland. might get a drizzly drop tomorrow to tuesday. quiet weather for much of the middle of country. big storm out west. travel plans bring to you the pacific northwest. a lot of wind and rain. but luckily no big snowstorms headed into the upper midwest. planes changing in chicago, detroit, no problems there. for us, high pressure in charge, blocking this area of low pressure in the carolina coastline. the last few ocean storms come running up the coastline. this one will not do that. this big area of blocking high pressure. will keep the rain across southern virginia in the outer banks of north carolina and an abundance of clouds through monday and tuesday as well. and this storm will move on out to sea, and once it does so, it will be fairly well entrenched as late as tuesday morning, those clouds will start to pull
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out on wednesday, the big travel day up and down the eastern seaboard. much, much easier for travel. today, nothing to complain about, sun giving way to clouds later this afternoon. on the cool side. a nice day to be outside. all important seven-day forecast. quiet weather. no big storms on the horizon. nothing coming our way. about number big ones across the bulk of the u.s. that is good for travel. plenty of clouds. not a lot of sunshine. sunshine challenges. start to see sunshine on wednesday. turkey day, a big 60 with sunshine. perfect weather, have your first turkey dinner around noontime. go walk around the block. second, around 4:00, 4:30. and then turkey sandwiches. thanksgiving only comes once a year and that turkey that thing does not need to see friday morning. >> got to start fasting now. plenty of room. thanks, chuck.
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and we often hear about kids being bullied at school. what about being pushed around at the work police? state lawmakers are looking at ways to protect adults who are targeted at the office. >> everybody hears about children being bullied at school. little bullies grow up to be big bullies. >> i hung in there, hung in there, until it made me so sick i couldn't hang in there any more. >> susan baker became a target of workplace bullying. she says the backhanded comments and back stabbing by her boss were unbelievable. >> asking team members not to talk to you anymore, not to socialize with you, that's a perfect example. >> susan is like one in six americ americans. it could be repeated verbal abuse, threats, or sabotage. the director of the workplace
9:22 am
bullying institute calls it an epidemic. >> statistics show it affects 35% of adult americans. that's 54 million americans in the workforce. >> he leads the campaign tone act the healthy workplace bill. produced in 21 states, including maryland. the bill makes it illegal to bully at work. maryland state senator jeremy raskin introduced it in 2011. it never made it out of committee, but he has hope. >> it's a cultural process we'll go through to arrive at the idea that people have the right to a work environment where they are not being bullied. >> if passed, this legislation would give businesses the power to fire offenders. there is hope that somebody will sponsor the bill that won't cost tax bayers a dime. >> reporter: it gives employees the ability on the right to seek a bully as an individual. for susan, passage would mean bager payoff. victims not afraid to use their
9:23 am
voice. >> they'll be able to speak up faster, they won't think twice about going to human resources and getting the problem looked at from day one. >> and since this story first aired, many viewers wrote news 4 about the personal stories about bullying. for more information about workplace bullying and resources, visit workplace >> a possible shakeup at the university of maryland it could leave the acc and join the big ten conference. the school could vote on the issue and announce the move within the next few days. maryland, a charter member of the acc in 19 53, but moving to the big ten could help the school financially as the conference has a more lucrative tv conference it could also help in the agricultural and engineering fields. acc not too kind to the terps yesterday. >> wizards searching for their first win of the year. we have it in this morning's
9:24 am
sports minute. >> good sunday morning. i'm carol maloney, sports minute starts with college football. senior day at bird stadium, terps hosting tenth ranked florida state. seminoles bringing it from both sides of the ball. sacking sean petty five times in the game. e.j. manual and the offense not slacking either. 41 points against maryland. noles clinch a spot in the acc title game with a 41-14 win. to the hardwood. wizards fans looked good against the jazz. an 11-point run. the high-flying jazz sends wizards to the second straight 0-8 start to the season. they fall 83-76. red skins looking to pick up a win against the eagles today. despite the 3-6 record, they are still in the race for the nfc east. they have to take care of business. >> the only thing on my mind,
9:25 am
these players' minds. we have to take care of what we can hanel, what we can control. >> d.c. united hosting the houston dynamo at 4:00 on nbc sports network. and that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney, hope your sunday is a good one. >> thanks. wedding bells ringing for nats player michael morse. this is his beautiful bride. he dweeted out the picture last night. thanks teammates and coaches for coming to his wedding and apparently former nats catcher ivan rodriguez is quite the dancer, and morse tweeted he stole the show. the woman representing d.c. in this year's misamerica pageant will undergo a double mastectomy. she is set to compete later this year if she wins, they will wait a year so she can fulfill her duties. if she doesn't win -- let's hope she does -- she will pursue it sooner than that.
9:26 am
a history of breast cancer in her family prompted her to make this decision. pretty girl. >> using her platform for a great cause. tweeted about 11 years ago. feeling so humbled and blessed that this discussion about proactive women's health has been ignited and received much response from different women in the area who have been affected by breast cancer. >> it will get people talking. >> a role model. coming up, military members will be given an offer from metro tomorrow. and twinkies and sno balls might be disappearing after all. a shocking discovery at a
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good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard nor dan. >> and i'm angie goff. you don't want to stan with us much longer, so he stepped outside. >> who could that be? let's go to chuck bell. >> couldn't take it anymore. strongly worded i suspect. not a bad looking day outside. still getting more than enough sunshine through the ever increasing number of clouds, cast a couple of shadows. that northeasterly breeze out here, definitely going to need a light weight jacket if you are spending a lot of time outside. unless are you moving quickly to get blood flowing. the top of the tower, looking out to the west. a little more cloud cover today than yesterday. temperatures responding nicely to the sunshine we are seeing. 45 already at national airport. 47 in shady side, edgewater, maryland. 46 in triangle. 45 in culpepper, toward the
9:31 am
blueridge and shen dough wa. 36 in toms brook and so your sunday planner, plenty of sunshine for now. clouds increase as we go through the day. north easterly breeze substantial as well. so little bit of runoff factor. a lot more clouds than today. if you need to feel good, do sdwroufr outside today. see you back inside in a few. >> thanks, chuck. six people recovering after two police helicopters collided in california. investigators believe the crash happened when one chopper landing while the other taking off in pasadena. six people hurt, including five police sr officers, they are expecting to survive their injuries. the national transportation safety board is investigating. new video of an oil platform that caught fire friday morning in the gulf of mexico. >> may day, may day.
9:32 am
>> something just blew up. >> a tv crew was nearby when the rig exploded. yesterday, the body of one of the missing crew members was found at the bottom of the sea. another crew member is still missing, and at least four others are in the hospital. the ceo of black elk injury, which owns the rig, says it's a difficult time for the company and for the injured workers. >> you know, it's an emotional situation, and the very best i can do is comfort them, reassure them, and get them back to their families. >> investigators believe vapors ignited as workers used a blow torch on an oil line. warning signals were used at the railroad crossing where a parade float full of veterans was hit by a freight train. the ntsb says signals activated seven seconds before the float crossed the tracks. four veterans much the iraq and
9:33 am
afghanistan war were killed and more than a dozen injured when a train crashed into the parade float. cameras from a police vehicle and the front of the train. a bizarre story in idaho. police are trying to figure out who broke into a zoo in boise and beat a monkey to death. two men were seen running away from the primate exhibit. one of the men dropped a baseball cap with a skull design. then the guard found one of the monkeys hurt. it later died. no other animals appeared to be injured. sandy's impact have crewed clearing out damaged areas. the city of new york plans to demolish dozens of homes damaged by the superstorm. crews will bulldoze 200 moemz on staten island and queens and brookl. crews expected to clear out another 200 homes that were either burned down or washed away when sandy came ashore. the buildings department will still meet to inspect 500 homes and businesses.
9:34 am
those could also be put on a teardown list. no word whether homeowners will be able to rebuild in the disaster zone. many were built 50 years ago. police are trying to figure out why a woman drove into a convenience store in prince georges county. she crashed into the front window of 7-eleven. nobody inside was hurt. it will take a while to clean up. >> it was an accident. you know, i can't be upset because this happened. you never know what's going to happen. >> and the owner says the store is open for business while they make the repairs. the woman in the car was not seriously hurt. arlington county made the first step toward approving plans for a new controversial homeless shelter. the board unanimously voted in favor of buying a $27 million seven-story building on north 14th street including office space for county employees and year-round homeless shelter.
9:35 am
many people living in the neighborhood are upset about the plan, saying it's a threat to their safety. if the city approved the purchase, the county will hold public meetings to hear their concerns. second day for virginia's new 495 express lanes, but the first true test will be tomorrow morning's commute. 14-mile stretch runs with an average toll of $3 and $6. there were three accidents yesterday on opening. "the washington post" says two teens hurt when one lost control of a car near braddock road. track work causing delays on three metro lines. trains single tracking on the redline and also single tracking between east and west falls church on the orange line. crews working on the silver line extension. and on the blue line, single tracking between stadium armory and addison road.
9:36 am
everything will be back to normal for tomorrow morning's commute. tomorrow, metro, opening its doors to help members of the military find jobs with its third annual open house and career fair. it officers service members about possible work with the transit agency. the open house is from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at the national building museum on "f" street northwest. >> h twinkies and other beloved treats from hostess may not be going away for long. a mexican cap my be working to keep them on the shelves. lower sugar price in mexico may be the secret to keeping the product in production. and the company likely had their eye on ho stes for more than a decade. >> i love my snoballs. there was an ad created.
9:37 am
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in this week's wednesday's child. another look at a sister and brother looking for a forever home. a year and a half since we first introduced you to the pair. barbara harrison has their story. >> good to see you. i'm barbara. dorell and raynel's visit to our studio was a last-minute change, after a planned visit with a skateboard designer fell through. how old are you? >> 11. >> and how old are you? >> 10. >> wow. no dreams of tv stardom here. what they want to be when they grow up -- >> i want to be a skateboard professional, because i love skateboarding. >> tell me, what do skateboard
9:41 am
professionals do? >> they compete against each other for trophies. >> what would you like to be when you grow up? >> probably like a judge. and also a skateboard professional. >> their social worker says they are bright kids who need a loving, permanent home together. >> they've adjusted in several different homes they've had to go through, but it's very important that they continue to stay together. >> fortunately, they have been together since they have been from one school to another. you and your sister are pretty close. who takes care of who? >> well, we both take care of each other. >> your friends? >> sometimes -- >> really? >> and bossy. >> do you fight? >> yes, sometimes. >> but rain or shine, they have always had each other. they would also like to find a permanent loving family. >> i would like to have a mom
9:42 am
and a dad, along with my sister. >> i want them to be nice and them to love me. >> being on tv wasn't the fun they had been expecting today, but then came some surprise helmets and skateboards and as they say, all will be well that ends well for darrell and raynel. we hope that will be with a family that likes or at least skateboards. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and heart for a child, call our special adoption hotline. 1-88-adopt-me. or go to our website for information there. dozens of d.c. kids waking up with new forever families on national adoption day. the district finalized 34 adoptions, our own barbara harrison emceed the event yesterday. and you can help kids looking for that life long commitment.
9:43 am
120 children are still waiting for a forever family. >> great to see those new 34 families. >> wow. >> complete families. >> and many more. many more lives to be touched. >> so much to be thankful for as we get ready for thanksgiving. we'll talk about good weather which we can be thankful for. no big thanksgiving snowstorms to worry about this year. how much more sunshine? the answer is next.
9:44 am
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drum roll, please. we have a big award to hand over to mr. chuck bell. chuck bell nbc 4. >> mr. lgbt personality. >> very nice. i guess we haven't had all of these other things, we haven't had a chance to get it out. thanks to everybody who participated. we had a great party and everything.
9:47 am
thank you very much for everybody who voted for me to be their favorite lgbt tv spernlt. >> why weren't we invited? >> it was a very restrictive guest list. my other half didn't get to come. he was busy doing other things, very sweet. thank you to everybody who voted. as a thank you, i will keep all the crazy weather away for your thanksgiving week. you're welcome a little in chance, everybody. nothing to worry about. clouds come into the area for today, and they'll stick around for the monday/tuesday time frame. rain drops nothing to worry about around here and no big blizzard in the midwest this year, we've had some thanksgiving doozies in the past in denver, and chicago, and welcome news for the busiest travel week of the year. still, plenty of filters sunshine getting through downtown washington. you can see the sun bouncing off the south side of the washington monument and the south side of jefferson memorial there. but you can definitely tell the skies are going from the
9:48 am
beautiful blue we had yesterday over to much more of a filtered gray color for this afternoon. 45 still in washington. and having just been outside on the weather deck that northeasterly breeze, in the shade and not moving around, a little bit of a november chill out there. your hometown forecast in annapolis today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures up to 53 degrees, championship game between damantha, good council. big championship game kicks off at 2:00. the studio cheering for is it dam damantha. you folks in southernmost maryland, and ocean city, the tip of the delmarva peninsula may have to worry about a
9:49 am
drizzly drop or two from tomorrow to tomorrow night. the air mass in place for today is dry enough to eat up most of the drops for now. a close eye on the storm for the next couple of days. high pressure will keep it down to the south. last few ocean storms able to make their way up through the eastern seaboard. that will not happen as long as they have this big area of high pressure blocking it out. we'll be mostly cloudy tonight, mostly cloudy tomorrow. 8:00 tomorrow morning, and all the day tomorrow, a little more sunshine further north and west you live and travel. the storm hanging off around the coastline. eventually right on out to sea. doesn't look like it get far enough north to bother anybody and will stay away from the airport hubbs on the eastern seaboard. sun giving way to cloud cover. on the cool side, still a nice day. good day for the led skins and the eagles, kicking it off at 1:00 at fedex field. temperatures at upper 40s to low 50s. and don't forget on sunday night.
9:50 am
football night in america. the ravens and the steelers in pittsburgh. clear skies and chilly for the game up in pittsburgh. here is our seven-day forecast. plenty of clouds around here the next few days. not much if anything in the way of rain chance. definitely welcome news. dry things out in time for the biggest travel day, wednesday. thursday and friday, perfect weather for eating and shopping. >> perfect. >> thanks. >> good combo. >> it is. this just in from d.c. united. the team is opening standing room only tickets for today's game at rfk stadium. they will play the houston dynamo in the second leg of eastern conference finals after losing the first leg 3-1. d.c. must win by three goals today in order to advance. today's match starts at 4:00. and catch it in person or on the nbc sports network. time is 10 minutes until 10:00. cancer patient says his diy project saved his life. the inspiring story of faith
9:51 am
and perseverance. you're w
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let the making begin
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nbc 4, your place for politics, up next, the chris matthews show. >> followed by "meet the press." here is a look at what's on the show today. >> many of us are consumed by the petraeus story. how does the cia director forget the walls have ears? you can't trust many people and why do powerful people take these risks? plus, some of the fiscal cliff talks will concern raising the age for medicare and even social security. we need to put off retirement even longer? join me with a great roundtable. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press. >> thanks, chris. good morning, richard and angie. obama administration national security team under fire over the petraeus affair and battle over benghazi. this morning, the key voices on
9:55 am
"meet the press"ful intelligence chairs of house and senate. mike rogers, dianne feinstein join me, also lindsey graham, south carolina republican leading the charge against the president's u.n. ambassador, susan rice is a nominee for secretary of state. all of this happening while the president is trying to get something done with congress over avoiding the fiscal cliff. and the future of the republican party. all coming up on "meet the press." and after the program, my press pass program with an inside look at lincoln with president historian fdoris kaernz good wi. a man diagnosed with cancer and given just weeks to live finds solace at church. not in the way you might think. greg thomas was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer three years ago. on long walks to clear his head, he found an old rundown church. he couldn't get inside, so he would sit on the steps to pray.
9:56 am
and one day, thomas got enough energy to start repairing the church. get this just as the church started to shape up, thomas' cancer went into remission. >> there has been a lot of tears shed on these steps. and they have been tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of blessing too. this is my way of saying thank you. >> repairs aren't finished just yet. its roof and floors need some work, but both the church and the man fixing it up are better than they've been in quite some time. >> and you were saying before, you know, it was him helping to fix the church, make it better. but he ended up being the one to benefit from all of this. >> absolutely right. >> about a five-minute story by an nbc affiliate in minnesota, kare 11. i tweeted the link to the whole story. i went online and it's really
9:57 am
quite phenomenal. >> a lot to be thankful, as with do we all. >> you're bigr big award. >> i won't be here next weekend, happy thanksgiving to all of you. i'm happy for many things, including one more point than the other guys. >> me too. >> we'll be here throughout the week. thanks, again. >> thank you, everybody. enjoy your day. we get started dark and early tomorrow morning at 4:28. >> see you later. >> happy thanks giving.
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